Dress Code

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Members gather for Opening Day Competition.

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Club Captain Iain MacArthur raises the flag alongside Mrs Rosemary Chalmers, Captain of the Ladies Section.

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Team pic.

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Bar Manager, Liz Henderson and Assistant Bar Manager, HelenAnn Anderson ready to serve the masses.

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Members all enjoying some good fayre after competition.

Erskine Golf Dress Code

Club House & Golf course Attire

All members are expected to dress appropriately. Attire not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Golf Course.

Football/Rugby Attire of any kind; collarless t-shirts; training shoes (over the age of 12 group); and distressed, torn or faded jeans.


Erskine Golf Club Dress CodeErskine Golf Club Dress CodeErskine Golf Club Dress CodeErskine Golf Club Dress CodeErskine Golf Club Dress Code

What should you do as a member of the golf club.

Do not wear golf shoes beyond the clearly defined areas in the club house.

If your golf clothes are muddied and/or wet - then change them before entering lounges.

If in doubt then seek advice from any board member or the club steward.

Mobile Phones All mobile phones have an off button. Please switch it off while in the club house.

If you need to have your phone on then be a courteous member and switch it to silent mode, and answer any calls in the hallway of the club.

Erskine Golf Club is to be enjoyed by one and all, please adhere to these simple rules and save the board members from having to speak to you about your attire or your phone usage.

Many Thanks,

Board of Directors


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